1. Thank you

From the recording The Time is Now



My brothers my sisters, oh how you are trying
And we are all wondering, asking why
I know that I think about it all the time
What can we do to help the human kind

My dear friend she asks me how we do not worry
About where we’re going in such a crazy, blind hurry
It feels so large and sometimes I feel small
How can one person help at all

I know it seems its just one thing after another
We shake our heads, we stomp our feet, we raise our fists, we mutter
It is amazing how so many are choosing this
And then I look around and I see who makes up the rest

And so I think we should all be so proud
Because we care and we care out loud
And so I’d like to take this time to thank each of you
For every little tiny thing that you do

I thank you
I thank you, when you can’t stop from trying
I thank you, when you can’t keep yourself from crying

om namah shivaya