1. Syriana

From the recording Impulse to Dream



I am you and you are me
There is no difference that I can see
We all want the same thing
To make a better life for our family

I am a teenager I just lost my job
I’ve got nothing to live for so I found god
I will make a difference you’ll see
I will use my body to bring my people peace

I work for the government I infiltrate
I find the weapons and the terrorists they make
No one knows my real name
I am just a puppet in this political game

I run this corporation I am the CEO
Thousands depend on me you know
To be the best that we can be
I work hard that’s why I make all the money

I am a poor man I work at the pump
I supply what you need for your cars and your trucks
I am also your waiter I bring you food
There is never and end to our need for fuel

I am the wife of one of these men
I look after our home, I care for our children
He works for our prosperity
We just want more out of life for our family