1. What I Seek

From the recording Impulse to Dream


What I Seek

You like your life
I like mine too
We are so different
In how we seek the truth

I always search for what makes me happy
You, you take what comes
One seems so simple one is complex
But who can really judge

You always try to make me happy
I always try to be kind
Everywhere I look around me
What I seek is what I find

You may not agree
Of this life I choose to lead
I get it from those before me
The meaning to succeed

You can seek it out
Or wait for it to unfold
Charge ahead in your own way
It may depend on how your are born


I find what I need
You find it in what is here
This difference that’s between us
We live what each other fear

Meek, sweet, strong, bold
Stand aside or grab a hold
There is room for each of us
A niche for every soul