1. Moving On

From the recording Impulse to Dream


Moving On

I put on my boots and I walk away
There’s nothing for you to see and nothing left for me to say
My ears still burning from the words you use
I don’t think you understand what you put me through

It was 6 years ago when we began our time
The stories you tell keep piling high
Since you won’t admit this needs to be through
I’m turning my back and walking out on you

The sun went around and I did my time
I followed the rules I always tried to play it right
You think you have me underneath your control
I will not obey your orders anymore

I’ve got some money in the bank, I always think ahead
I know I couldn’t count on your blue, white, and red
I know you’re going to make an example out of me
So, I am going LOUD, so others will follow my lead.