1. Miles of Time

From the recording Impulse to Dream


Miles of Time

You always said that you’d be there
To hold my hand when times got scared
But now you’re gone, you’re leaving me
With miles of time spaced in between

Here I stand upon this hill
Waves of grass and autumn chill
If I wait patiently
You’ll come as promised back to me

Here you are again
Here you are my friend

And so I’d wait each morning dawn
500 years have come and gone
Just like you said you would
Here you are back in my world

You’ve changed so much, how you’ve grown
From years of time and cobblestone
Many lives we each have known
Families we each have sown

Here you are again
Here you are my friend

Our commitment was made long ago
In my heart is your echo
When you first laid your eyes on me
The flood of memories

Clarity of our soul pledge
To ride through time to life’s own edge
And through it all we’ll always know
The love we share will only grow

Here we are again
Here we are my friend