1. Hermana's Well

From the recording Impulse to Dream


Hermana's Well

Let us imagine
A world in which the health
Of Hermana Cristina
And the well being of her children
And the purity of her water
Is the prime concern of every institution of power

Let us image the great economic powers of the world
Wish to free the slight Cristina from the task of drawing water
And to do it in a way that will benefit her and her children and later on her grandchildren
So instead of sending money to her government to pay a big corporation to hire engineers to build a giant dam that will flood small farmer’s fields
They decide to do something new something they have never done
They decide to give her a solar panel and a pump

Let us imagine…

So the great economic powers of the world
Will fund a small company
To make the equipment locally and hire her family with a living wage and safety
And the young women and the men will be trained to maintain all the equipment and afford good rice and beans and grain
And with the water from the well Cristina will grow food to sell
and feed her friends and her family
And the chemical factory will be shut down and the men won’t have to travel out of town instead they’ll work on their own ground and become proud.

Let us imagine….

his is a small and possible vision
It requires no new technology.
We already have the knowledge
We already have the resources
And already have the skills
To make it all come true

Let us imagine…