1. Wreckage

From the recording Impulse to Dream



How much more power will we give them
How much more work will we do for them
How much will we pay them
When will we learn

That they’re in power because we make them
They stay because we feed them
They don’t want to leave
And they won’t do it on their own

And all the taxes that we pay
The interest from the money that we save
Every purchase that is made feeds this system
Yes we all feed the system, our actions build our prisons

So I stand for the record, I do not support the wreckage

The elections are dishonest, they no longer represent us
Hands in the corporate interest, not in our own
It is no time to feel powerless, there are more of us
Our convictions they are strong, So let us stand

In the street on the corner
In the factory in the office
Anywhere we can be seen upon this land.

As I stand in the wreckage, I support resistance

This November when we voted, the people they have spoken
They demand to be seen and to be heard
There is not turning back now, we’ve seen the hand of power
This is our land, this is our world

As I stand in the wreckage, I lend my assistance