1. Within

From the recording Be Yourself


I see your face, what can I do, to lend some relief
How can I help, what do you need, if anything
I’ll go straight to god and ask why you must endure
Report back from the sun who sends a cure

For the rage and shame and the sin
the pain and the suffering
And the how and the when
and the why it begins within

My care it shows because I’m standing here
In the doorway, painted window, reflect the years
I shift from heel to toe to heel, instability
If the lessons from behind here tell us anything

For the rage and shame and the sin….

This brings knowing, body broadening, experience
A world turned upside down, outside in, one moment
Witness the depth, the intense steps, this takes us to
I will be right by your side, as we fumble through

For the rage and shame and the sin…..