1. He Sang

From the recording Be Yourself


He was all by himself when the phone it rang
So it rang and it rang and it rang
And he didn’t pick it up cause he knew who it was
And he knew that he couldn't take the pain
So he sat there stiff on his little wooden chair
Pretending it was long long ago
When his mama would come and take good care
And never never never let him go

And he sang ooo ahhhh ……

It was all he could do just to make it through
So he sang and he sang and he sang
The comfort of his voice in the heart of a song
Was enough to pull him right out of the pain
And that's when he found at the bottom of the stair
In a basement he’d never gone in
It was a battered up sunburst six string guitar
And it seemed to be waiting there for him

And he sang……

Now you can find him at the back of the bar
Playing till the last person leaves
He realized who he was by the music that was caused
From a life that was waiting to begin
He says you can never be too early, you can never be too late
Most important is that you show up at all
There will always be a mountain looking down on you
And then he laughed because he knew it all along

And he sang….