1. Willie

From the recording Be Yourself


Willie was a tall man, six foot five and black as night
And the color of clothes it matched his skin, being safe means out of sight
TJ was his right hand man, straight out of one of those old westerns
Those two they traveled as a team
They showed us how to find, the people who’d been left behind
And bring to them the things they need.

There is always an angel looking out for them
There is always an angel watching

Junior was a kind man, you may have never known
Until you stop to talk with him and for your seat he lay his coat
So I did and I learned of the true life he had led
Those words do battle in my head
Candle, flowers, cards, I remember the day he died
On the corner lay his memories and I cried.

There is always an angel looking out for him….

You may never know how much you have taught me
Through your stories and your lies
Even with nothing, you are so giving
That's the beauty in disguise

David walked at night, he said it was a vigil he would keep
As the eyes of the town it close and I sleep
He said I could come and sit whenever I felt alone
That I could call that tent camp my home

There is always an angel looking out for us….

Willie is my uncle, he’s my brother’s best friend
He is my hero in the end