1. Africa

From the recording Be Yourself


Friends I have a story I must tell
It’s a tale we all know far too well
So I’ll keep it short I will keep it concise
It’s a story that often brings tears to my eyes
Millions of people on a far and distant land
They are dealing with things, things got out of hand
The numbers of orphans it grows every day,
There may not be elders to help lead their way

Africa you are so beautiful
I’d like to get to know you more
Land and people
I don’t even know how much you mean to me
Africa, all people, deserve to be free

Here in the states we spend billions of dollars on war
Let’s send them medicine, we could feed all the poor
Or send our soldiers as armies for relief
There primary mission could be, diplomacy for peace
This is no political controversy
People’s lives at stake is all that matters to me
This is all political hypocrisy
Billions of dollars is not pocket change to me

Africa you are so beautiful…

So, I don’t have a solution to this sorrowful tale
I just think singing about it may help us get somewhere
Where a solution may be found
When we finally realize we all walk the same ground
Every person deserves his own family
Every person deserves his place in history
Every person has his work he must do
Every person needs a reason to make it through

Africa you are so beautiful…