1. Golden Child

From the recording Be Yourself


Golden child born today light the morning lead the way shine bright
Into a new world, fresh and clean, all surrounding the heartbeat of a butterfly

Kumbaya it’s what they say
I’m going to love you anyway
And I know I always will
Come by here it’s what they sang
God’s going to love you wherever you stand
Like a song in a whippoorwill

Thank the farmer, hoe in hand, all the women and the men who feed us and our clan
And the trucker tough and lean, driving all the way unseen, to deliver, our dreams

Kumbaya it’s what they say…

Treat a neighbor as a friend and lend out a helping hand, love yourself to the very end
Into the great unseen the nothing, it’s the place that lies between, the river and the land

Kumbaya it’s what they say...