1. Be Yourself

From the recording Be Yourself


There was a woman, let’s call her Marylyn, lived her life like she should have been
Mother of three and wife to one she’d done her time
Until one day she nearly died, at the end of the tunnel she saw the light
Asked if she should run into or turn back to fight
For the life she lived before, it would change now that's for sure
She knew she hadn’t finished what she had come here to do
Even though the light was warm, she turned back cause she had more to do
And this is what she asked for me to tell to you

Be yourself, be yourself, not anybody else, accept yourself
Free yourself, free yourself, from everybody else

There was a boy, he traveled far and wide, searched to find what he tried to hide
He played it right, he followed rules, he’d done the work and school
But as time wore on, he learned, he’d just as soon stay home than burn
Lips with lies, the world has eyes, they’d see right through
From the time that he was young, he wasn't quite his father’s son
And for forty years well he’d run, run, run, run, run from who he was
Until he put on that dress, oh he knew himself best
And he asked for me to tell you the rest

Be yourself….

There was a little child, she loved to play, she giggled and sang all through the day
Wore pink skirts and rainbow shirts with unicorns
And as she started school, there were those unspoken rules
What to wear and just how much singing you could do
She wanted to fit in, just like I bet you did then
So she tucked away those homemade songs and fairy wings
Now she’s a young adult, and she’s all but forgot who she used to be
And how to let that little child get free

Be yourself…..