From the recording Be Yourself


Here’s to the ones who’ve come before us,
here’s to the ones who’ll come next.
Here’s to the ones who left a legacy
of a life lived well with nothing left.
Here’s to the ones who dared to stand up
and be counted when it counted most.
Here’s to the ones who said if not me then who,
who are you, to take that choice.

For equality and peace
For the animals the habitat and the trees
For the abused and the mistreated
It's the future as I see it

You speak for those who have no voices,
you stand for those who cannot walk.
You rise when everything has fallen,
you stay solid as a rock.

For equality and peace…..

Here’s to those who felt forgotten,
and to those we love who risk it all.
Here’s to those who felt they’d fallen,
and to those who just wish upon a falling star.

For equality and peace……

We stand up for the earth
For all the life that lives on her
We are strong, because we belong
To a long line of heroes whose time has come

For equality and peace…..