My sincerest wish is for this music to resonate and assist in your own personal journey plus the global collective path we are on together.  Please listen and enjoy these original folk songs that have been written to inspire a future that works for all!  In love and light, Cassandra

"Cassandra Robertson, a muse with a message; this woman has the heart of a lion, and the mane to match.  Accompanied by her acoustic guitar and dear friend Wynter Byrnes on the electric bass, she floors the audience like a sonic boom with captivating messages of peace, prosperity, hope and above all, inspiration.  Her unique style of " acoustic conscious folk" kick starts the heart and levitates the soul; reminding us all that we CAN positively affect the world we all share, as long as we choose planet over profit and remember to be ourselves."

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Previous events


Chris Chandler and John Elliot

Strawhouse Studios, Corvallis OR

We are so excited to invite you an exceptional evening this Sunday. Oregon Country Fair magic unleashed an unusually awesome set of circumstances to have the legendary performing artist Chris Chandler at Strawhouse Studios! Chris is touring with John Elliot and the two of them together are pure magic. I was in tears during their performances and we hope you will come and share in this unique experience in our straw house venue.


Lesley Kernochan and Cassandra Robertson House Concert

Strawhouse Studios, Corvallis

The lovely, talented, and genuinely fun singer/songwriter Lesley Kernochan will be stopping at Strawhouse Studios in Corvallis after her Europe tour. You may recognize her fantastic voice from my second album 'Impulse to Dream' . Wynter and I will also perform a set of new songs birthed out of this radical year plus originals we love.


Cassandra Robertson

 —  —

TreeHaus, 830 3rd Ave, New York City

I will be performing at an Organic Textile pop up store in Times Square, playing multiple times throughout this two day event. Plus, come find me singing songs of justice at Trump Tower, John Lennon's memorial, Wall Street, and other possible locations.